Invited Employee Benefits

Benefits that Meet Your Needs

When you join the Invited team, the benefits of the job go far beyond the vibrant atmosphere of individual Clubs or the professional camaraderie of our corporate headquarters. You’ll also have access to a number of insurance and investment programs to meet your needs — many of which are covered in part or in full by Invited. As you review the plans and programs below, we’d like to invite you to add up the benefits of those that are most important to you.

Medical Coverage — A Full Suite of Services

As an eligible Invited Employee, you’ll pay only a portion of the premiums for your medical coverage, which is paid via payroll deductions each pay period. Invited is partnering with United Healthcare to provide comprehensive medical coverage for Employees and their eligible dependents.

Visit with a Doctor 24/7 — Whenever, Wherever

With 24/7 Virtual Visits, you can connect to a doctor by phone or video1 through® or the UnitedHealthcare® app.

Dental Insurance — Two Plans to Choose From

Two types of dental coverage are available for purchase through Invited. Full-time Employees may participate in the Dental Provider Organization or Dental Health Maintenance Organization, both of which are offered by Delta Dental. Both plans are designed to encourage preventive treatment while striving to minimize your dental costs.

Vision Coverage — Regular Exams for Wellness

Full-time Employees have the option to purchase vision coverage through Invited. Through our relationship with Superior Vision, participating Employees and their families have access to regular eye exams to monitor their vision and help detect diseases like glaucoma, diabetes and more.

Life and Accidental Death and Dismemberment — Peace of Mind

Basic Life and Accidental Death and Dismemberment benefits are fully covered by Invited for all eligible Employees. As a vital component of our benefits plan, this coverage blends peace of mind with financial security. Just as you would keep track of money that you put into a bank or other financial institution, we encourage you to familiarize yourself with these and other Invited benefits.

Supplemental and Dependent Life Insurance — For Yourself and Your Family

Eligible Invited Employees may purchase voluntary supplemental life insurance for themselves and their family. Please note that in order to purchase voluntary supplemental life insurance for your spouse and/or child(ren), you must purchase it for yourself. Premiums are paid through post-tax payroll deductions.

Employee Assistance Program — Confidential Help Through LifeWorks

Personal issues, planning for life events or simply managing daily life can affect your work, health and family. Our company-sponsored Employee Assistance Program provides confidential support and guidance to Employees and their dependents at no charge.

Short-Term Disability — Benefits for Recovery

Short-Term Disability coverage helps protect part of your income if you get hurt or sick and cannot work for several weeks or months. Even if you are not eligible for Long-Term Disability coverage, you may be eligible for Short-Term Disability benefits (except for Club Employees working in states with state-mandated disability plans, like California, New Jersey or New York). Disability benefits are reduced by any benefits you receive from Social Security or other disability income benefits.

Long-Term Disability — Extended Income Help

Long-Term Disability coverage helps protect part of your income if you get hurt or sick and cannot work for an extended period. You may elect this coverage for yourself only, paying 50% of the cost on a post-tax basis. After a 90-day waiting period from the onset of a covered disability, the plan replaces 60% of your weekly pay as long as you are disabled or until you reach age 65. After two years of service, Employees are eligible to receive salary continuation benefits to cover loss of income during the 90-day waiting period. Disability benefits are reduced by any benefits you receive from Social Security or other disability income.

Flexible Spending Accounts — Pre-tax Benefits

Flexible Spending Accounts allow you to pay for eligible healthcare and dependent care expenses using tax-free dollars — money taken out of your Invited paycheck before income or Social Security taxes have been calculated.

Individual Investment Plan — Saving for Your Future

As a qualifying Invited Employee, you have the option to save for the future on a before-tax or after-tax basis through an Individual Investment Plan. The before-tax advantage of this plan allows you to lower your current taxable income and delay paying taxes until it is time to withdraw your money, while the after-tax option lets you withdraw funds in retirement without paying further taxes on that amount.

"We have an opportunity to deliver extraordinary lifestyle experiences that appeal to our diverse membership – I look forward to building upon our progress toward operational excellence while implementing our strategies to continue improving Member experiences.“

Bob Morse, President & COO