Meeting Your Needs: Invited Employee Benefits

When you join the Invited team, the benefits of the job go far beyond the vibrant atmosphere of individual Clubs or the professional camaraderie of our corporate headquarters. You’ll also have access to a number of insurance and investment programs to meet your needs — many of which are covered in part or in full by Invited. Our priority is to support you and your family by providing you with cost-effective benefit plan offerings. Learn more below.

Our benefits support the holistic well-being of our employees and their families — from their financial security to their mental and physical health.

We Care About Our Team

Invited wants to support you on your life’s journey at work, at home and at play. Whether it’s estate and financial planning consultations, robust health and wellness benefits options or help finding a caregiver for loved ones, our benefits-eligible employees have access to countless resources. We understand that for you to do your job well, you and your loved ones need to be taken care of — so that’s our priority, too. Our vision is to attract and retain top talent by providing an inclusive, differentiated total rewards package designed to meet the unique and evolving needs of our employees.

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Invited cares about the mental health and well-being of our employees and that’s why we invest in resources and support to meet them where they are at.

All employees are able to benefit from our Employee Assistance Program (EAP), particularly focused during times of immediate need (e.g., grief counseling, anxiety, family/marital issues, etc.). These services are offered up to six visits a year with a licensed counselor and in a format that is convenient to our employees (i.e., telehealth, chat, video conferencing, etc.). The EAP also provides work-life support, including financial consultation, dependent care resources (e.g., childcare and elder care referrals) and convenience resources (e.g., auto repair, pet care, home and maintenance referrals). Additionally, Employees are also able to request support from our Employee Care Foundation, a 501(c)3 fund established to support employees during times of hardship (e.g., home loss, death, domestic situations, catastrophic events and more).

For employees enrolled in an Invited medical plan, the HealthJoy app provides access to free telehealth visits with high-quality licensed therapists and psychiatrists for mental health support. Use of free telehealth visits for HealthJoy is unlimited for eligible employees and their covered family members.

Invited considers a holistic approach in offering our eligible employees and their eligible dependents comprehensive health benefits and programs, which may include:

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Medical – Multiple types of medical coverage options are available providing Employees choices based on their needs and the needs of their family.

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Vision - Healthy eyes and clear vision are an important part of your overall health and quality of life, that’s why eligible employees are offered excellent vision coverage.

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Dental - Dental coverage options are available based on your needs and more, including orthodontia coverage for adults/children to help eligible employees and their families take care of their smiles and dental health.

Invited employees enrolled in any company medical plan will receive free access to HealthJoy, a mobile platform and healthcare concierge service designed to simplify the complex world of benefits.

Through the Health Joy app, our employees also get access to 24/7 virtual health care visits allowing them to easily connect with a doctor by phone or video, as well as access to a free fitness and well-being platform.

iStock_Pay_700_500.jpg At Invited, our pay philosophy is simple. We provide equitable and competitive compensation that rewards employees for their performance. Our competitive pay, benefits and work culture help us recruit and retain the best and the brightest.
  In addition to Employee Assistance Programs, eligible employees can take advantage of flexible spending accounts, individual investment plans, life & disability insurance, legal, pet insurance and more.
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We value well-being and encourage work-life balance. We offer a suite of family-centric benefits to our eligible team members that help them build and balance the needs of their families and careers while encouraging the enjoyment of activities and interests outside of work.


Our time off plans provide eligible employees with company-paid national holidays and paid time off (vacation and sick time plans based on position, hours worked and years of service).

Programs, resources and benefit eligibility vary based on position, average hours worked, and length of service.

“At Invited we prioritize and continue to look for ways to improve the overall health and well-being of our employees and their families. Our ongoing commitment involves providing our teams with cost-effective benefits and programs, particularly mental health programs that are accessible to all employees.”

Sherry Vidal-Brown, Chief People Officer