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Who We Are

We are Invited, the largest owner and operator of more than 200 private golf and country clubs, city and stadium clubs across the country – but we're so much more than that.

We are a Members' haven and a home away from home for our Employees to follow their passion for Golf, Tennis, Fitness, Food & Beverage, Private Events, Sales, and more. At Invited, work feels like play as you build relationships with your team and meet Members from all different backgrounds. Every time you step foot in the Club, you can create magic moments and enrich the lives of Members and Employees. So, join us and be a part of a fun, fast-paced, high-impact group of talented people passionate about bringing out the very best in life and bringing people together. Our passion is to provide communities built on rich traditions and deep camaraderie where you can form lasting bonds while serving the city's best and brightest!

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“Events over the last number of months have reminded us of the importance of human connection. Our collective consciousness has become keenly aware of our need for fellowship, gathering, celebration, and companionship. This strikes at the soul of who we are as a club, as an organization, as a company. Building Relationships and Enriching Lives is the heartbeat of club life and is the center of our Circle of Purpose. Facilitating human connection is why we exist. The club and all of its amenities is our canvas, our teammates bring the club to life, and the resulting collage is a nexus of community activity that makes people’s lives better.”

Dave Pillsbury, CEO

Golf & Country Clubs

Golf & Country Clubs offer sophisticated golf courses along with tennis courts, fitness facilities, pools and spa services to Members in both major cities and residential areas.

City Clubs

City Clubs provide a spot in many of the nation’s influential business districts where executives can enjoy a casual place to work or unwind.

Stadium Clubs

Stadium Clubs provide a space where Members can celebrate a sports team or university while offering spaces for dining, meetings, civic, social and educational events.

Home Office

Invited owns or operates over 200 clubs and provides excellent services to Members across the US and in Mexico.

Our Core Values

WE SERVE with open hearts and care about our fellow Employees, Members, communities and causes we support

WE RESPECT EVERYONE we interact with, embracing diversity and a safe, harassment-free workplace.

WE OWN IT using good judgment and a sense of urgency to address issues.

WE ARE TRANSPARENT saying what we mean and being candid with Members and Employees.

WE HAVE FUN and create a friendly atmosphere where everyone is welcome.