Busperson- Player Club in The Woodlands, TX at Sequoia Woodlands Player

Date Posted: 11/12/2022

Job Snapshot

Job Description


1. Maintaining ClubCorp service standards as outlined in the Hospitality First training program at high standards.

2. Prepare all bus and other work areas to be presentable and ready for service according to ClubCorp standards.

3. Maintain beverages and ice at acceptable levels.

4. As applicable, maintain breads, butters, candles and all other table setting at proper levels.

5. Responsible for set up and break down as directed, ensuring proper equipment, linens, and other necessary items are clean and in working order as directed.

6. Responsible for clearing and resetting all tables promptly and efficiently.

7. Clean and maintain designated work areas.

8. Assist service and banquet staff as needed.

9. Basic knowledge of menu required in order to assist service team with food running.

10. Assist fellow Employee Partners, Members and guests to ensure delivery of the 3 steps of service without being directed. Be aware of team members and the environment and participate as a member of the team.

11. Notify supervisor of Member/Guest complaints at the time they occur. Rectify, practicing service recover, any complaints as soon as possible.

12. Must be able to interact with Members/Guests professionally, helping them with changes and last minute requests as needed.


1. Because of the fluctuating demands of the Club's operation, it may be necessary that each Employee perform a multitude of different functions; therefore, as an essential part of your job, you will be expected to help others when the occasion arises, just as other Employees are expected to help you. Accordingly, you may be expected to perform other tasks as needed or as directed.

2. Adhere to all of the various company, club and department written mandatory standards of operations, policies and procedures, manuals, memos, oral instructions, etc., all of which go to make up the essential functions of the job. .

3. Be able to multi-task and work at an efficient pace to keep up with business needs.

4. Be able to follow instructions well as directed.

5. Responsible for maintaining good conduct and safe working habits while in all areas and assuring that others are acting safely.

6. Attendance at daily line-up and participating as requested.

7. Wearing a CLEAN and neat uniform that follows ClubCorp and your property uniform standards daily.


1. Reports Directly To: F&B Director or Service Director

2. Also Works For: Captains, Servers

3. Other Positions Reporting To This Supervisor: other service personnel

4. Directly Supervises: n/a

5. Indirectly Supervises: n/a


WORK EXPERIENCE: Experience in food service preferred. 

EDUCATION: High school diploma preferred.

CERTIFICATION/LICENSE: Food Handler certification required to perform. 




PERFORMANCE STANDARDS: Ability to communicate and follow instructions.

WORKING CONDITIONS/ENVIRONMENT: Indoor/outdoor environment, fast pace


1. In a workday, this position requires the following activities:

Activity No. of Hours per day INTERMITTENT or CONSTANT (occurs at various (occurs without a break) intervals)

a. Sit 0 Intermittent

b. Stand 0 Constant

c. Walk 0 Constant

d. Drive 0 Intermittent

2. This position also requires the following activities:

NEVER or OCCASIONALLY or FREQUENTLY (1/3 of the day or less) (more than 1/3 of the day)

a. Squatting Occasionally

b. Bending Frequently

c. Kneeling Occasionally

d. Reaching Frequently

e. Twisting Occasionally

f. Crawling Occasionally

g Ladder Climbing Occasionally

h Stair Climbing Occasionally

i. Type of Other Climbing: Occasionally

j. Walking on rough ground Occasionally

k. Exposure to temperature changes Occasionally

l. Exposure to dust, fumes or gases Occasionally

m. Being near moving machinery Occasionally

n. Working from heights Occasionally

o. Cleaning/Scrubbing Frequently

3. This position requires lifting, carrying, pushing, or pulling:

Max. Weight Lifted Occasionally 75 - 100 lbs State Weight Lifted if above 100 pounds. 0

Max. Weight Lifted Frequently

11 - 24 lbs State Weight Lifted if above 100 pounds. 0

Max. Weight Carried Occasionally

Above 100 lbs State Weight Carried if above 100 pounds 150

Max. Weight Carried Frequently

11 - 24 lbs State Weight Carried if above 100 pounds. 0

Max. Weight Pushed Occasionally

Above 100 lbs State Weight Pushed if above 100 pounds. 200

Max. Weight Pushed Frequently

25 - 34 lbs State Weight Pushed if above 100 pounds. 0

Max. Weight Pulled Occasionally

75 - 100 lbs State Weight Pulled if above 100 pounds. 200

Max. Weight Pulled Frequently

Up to 10 lbs State Weight Pulled if above 100 pounds. 0

4. This position requires the following:

NEVER or OCCASIONALLY or FREQUENTLY (1/3 of the day or less) (more than 1/3 of the day)

a. Dialing Never

b. Collating Never

c. Filing Never

d. Opening/Closing Never

e. Sorting Never

f. Stamping Never

g Stapling Never

h Folding/Unfolding Occasionally

i. Inserting/Removing Occasionally

5. Primary tools/equipment used in this position and approximate weight: Trays (7 lbs.) Trays full (17 lbs.)

6. Attendance Requirements for this position: Attendance Requirements for this position as outlined on the weekly schedule. Additional hours are required to meet deadlines of the position, including weekends and/or holidays.